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Cancer as a Rite of Passage

By Dr. Laurence Magne

For most of us, just hearing the word “cancer’ sends a chill up our spine. The thought of receiving such a diagnosis causes spiraling thoughts of funeral plans and decisions about who will raise our children. For most, it’s a wake up call to begin living differently.

It makes life rich when you get that the party is going to be over at some point. But not everyone finds the gift in cancer. Many struggle with identity issues when they’re diagnosed. The question becomes, who are you when you can’t do what you do? When you get cancer, you can’t go into work everyday. You can’t be the mom you were, you can’t go to all the soccer games. You can’t even pick up the baby because you had a mastectomy. You can’t cook because you’re too tired. So who are you now?”

Dr Andrew Weill relates the story of a Japanese banker who was a workaholic and developed kidney cancer. He refused surgery. After he was healed through the intervention of an acupuncture therapist, he said, “I became aware of the natural healing power that was in me and around me. Gradually, I began to realize that I had created my own cancer by my own behavior. I saw that I had to love my cancer, not attack it as an enemy. It was part of me, and I had to love my whole self.” He is now a changed man. Acceptance, submission, surrender – whatever one chooses to call it, that mental shit may be the master key that unlocks healing.

Anna Keck-Tomasso, author of The Terrible Gift of Illness, writes, “It is not uncommon to have a cancer diagnosis become the incentive and motivator for powerful transformation in our lives. Facing a cancer diagnosis often forces us to take an inventory of our whole lives – to become more aware of relationships, work, play, self-defeating habits and self-neglect. Our illness can give us the gift of awareness, becoming the motivator for positive, life-enhancing and life-supporting change, particularly self-care. That special moment is now and that permission-giver is you.”

“There is something good that comes out of this. I understand myself a lot better. I understand what’s important to me better.”

Cancer is a rite of passage. Before cancer, people repress their emotions, have emotional problems, hide their emotions and feelings in a flurry of activity, work, or drugs and alcohol, then contract cancer.

Cancer comes into your life to hold a mirror to the way you’ve been conducting yourself, repressing emotions maybe, accepting abuse without expressing your feelings.

There are no conditions in the body that cannot return to normal. Sometimes the death of a loved one can change a person’s direction in life, and if the reality of life after death is not really understood, the emotions and the feelings of anger and loss can carry on through the remainder of that person’s life experience. You will find many more positive ways to look at cancer and find ways to fight it without chemotherapy and surgery in the ebook Cancer Free For Life.

Cancer doesn’t necessarily mean death. You take a good look at yourself and since you have a diagnosis that says you won’t live long anyway, you say. What the heck, I’ve got nothing to lose, I’ll clean up my act and enjoy my last few weeks or months. And then you live on. Because you did in fact clean your life.

Lance Armstrong wrote, “We have unrealized potential that sometimes only emerges in crisis. There is a purpose to suffering. It is supposed to improve us.” This is no longer a project to postpone until you’re ready. Your disease was your wake up call and you’re ready. You’ve been ready since the day you forgot to ask who you are and why you’re here. You have been shutting out thousands of experiences that could make transformation a reality. If it weren’t for the enormous effort you have put into denial, repression and doubt, your life would have been a constant revelation.”

Ultimately you have to believe that your life is worth investigating with total passion and commitment. It took thousands of tiny decisions to keep you hiding.

In taking charge of your disease, you change your life. The disease brings an opportunity to practice serenity. Most people don’t see serenity as a discipline, but in a modern world, you have to work hard to enforce stillness and quiet time on your own. Activity feeds personality with gratification, and it makes the ego feel important. Quiet time, serenity, and silence empower the ego and make the inner you more special. It’s a nice balance. Visit http://www.alternative-health-ebooks.com for many FREE articles on cancer and healing cancer with natural methods using the mind-body connection.

About the Author: Dr Laurence Magne Publisher, Author Cancer Free For Life Email : lmagne@yahoo.com Website : http://cancer-free-for-life.com

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